Sports Luxe

I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot and for the concept I thought I’d try out a sports luxe fit. This is my take on the look and I love all the pieces of this fit and I’m wearing one of my favourite jeans. I like the washed/distressed look they have and the the lace detail adds to the edge. Pretty neat, don’t you agree?

Also it was such a joy working with Romeo on this shoot, he really knows how to work the cam and captures all the right moments. We’ve known each other for eons and who would’ve guessed that fast forward a few years, the pair of us would be working together on the things that we both have a true passion for. He’s editing is also on fleek yo!!!

Outfit deets

Top- Cotton on // Jeans- JeanM Boutique // Adidas white superstar croc pack- Sportscene

Photos by: Rome. (@RomeoMasinga)



15th Apr 2016 at 8:10 am24

Absolutely LOVE… and Loving your blog! Ever so proud *Kisses*


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