Winter, Out!

Eternally grateful to the Southern hemispheres commitment to a minimum of three months of winter! 

We’ve now reached that awkward time in the seasons where the days are getting significantly warmer but just as you think winter is behind you, there’s always that odd day that’s cold enough to remind you that you aren’t free as yet! Although I lament summer from May to July, I’ve recently adopted a new found gratitude for the extra days of ‘boot-friendly’ temperatures. It isn’t my fault our country has the worst airport customs and Post Office but as such, nature has afforded me the opportunity to enjoy my new shoes. In terms of content creation, maybe I’ll try to find ways to make these babies work on a summer’s day. We shall see…

In other completely unrelated news, I’ve taken it upon myself to adopt militant time management skills, you know, self-improvement and stuff. It’s amazing how much less time one will spend on social media simply by removing all icons off the home screen. If I carry on this upward trajectory, I’ll definitely be back soon with the summary.

Just hold on.


Outfit deets

Backyard Vintage Blazer // EGO Shoes Purple thigh high boots


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