Stir It Up

And if you were wondering the answer is yes, Bob Marley inspired the title of this post!

I’ve always associated stirrups with old white ladies in the 80s (or that are still trapped in the 80s), but history repeats itself and so does fashion. This is certainly not a revolutionary concept but it always stands true. As such, this blog post is about the reincarnation of stirrup pants, the quaint style that has captured my attention. Honestly I’m obsessed and I hope to start seeing more of this style in stores, in different variations as well!

From equestrian wear to 80’s workout wear- I’m sure you’re currently picturing, briefs worn as outerwear over neon tights and leg warmers, this once decommissioned style has made a comeback, special thanks to design houses such as Balenciaga and Marni and of course the street style stars that make runway looks accessible to the masses.

Obviously I’m not into stirrups because of their primary function. That’s definitely NOT why they’re back on the runways, but because their appeal has been refurbished with a new way to wear them, albeit purely for aesthetic purposes. The over your heels, in modern, tailored fits and in denim as well is what makes the comeback of this style so iconic. As they say “good artists copy, great artists steal,” a quote that is the opposite of what ethics are about but true with regard to most notable innovators.

Most people have certain blindspots when it comes to personal faves but I always find myself meandering between different styles and fits. Sometimes less is more and more is more and whatever falls between that!

I’m 100% for stirrup pants, are you?


Outfit deets
Woolworths Poncho // JeanM Boutique Stirrup tights



Riaan Visser
26th Jun 2017 at 4:35 pm24

Great post 😉 been a while!

26th Jun 2017 at 5:41 pm24

Thank you ? always appreciated!


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