Reckless Abandon

“A far cry from my usual disposition”

“Green with envy”, “Emerald Medusa”, these are some of the queer phrases that have come with “going green”…oh the endless puns and green heart emojis!

I can’t exactly be sure whether I’m going through a ‘quarter-life crisis’ or whether always doing something extreme with my hair on the cusp of my birthday has become an annual tradition. I guess the only explanation that holds any clout is that I’m sporadically spontaneous and therefore prone to making unconventional decisions. This in itself is quite weird because I’m a relatively shy girl and dyeing your hair green comes with its fair share of attention and random comments from passing strangers. Oh and lest I forget the bunch of 7 year old enquiring minds with a barrage of questions from the ‘whys’ to the ‘hows’.* All of which I welcome and try to answer in the most creative and detailed way possible as opposed to the straightforward truth behind “because I wanted to.” My hair, their entertainment!

On a normal day I would’ve just worn this playsuit on its own but it’s quite obvious that nothing is normal around these parts so I went ahead and added a white shirt and leather jacket for that androgynous rocker chick vibe which really compliments the hair by the way. I’d also like to add that styling yourself when you have a green crown is a bit of the schlep, but I’m here to make it look easy.

In introspection, maybe my crazy hairstyle choices are just as a result of me trying to master the art of distraction from my not so extroverted, self-conscious personality. And yes, I’m starting to accept that I’m a walking paradox!

Lesson of the week: When in doubt do something that’s a far cry from your usual disposition! 

*This past week I was tasked with the responsibility of being my cousins’ ‘au pair’. It really was a load of fun!

Outfit deets

Zara Playsuit // Forever 21 Button up shirt // JeanM Boutique Leather Jacket // Backyard vintage Sunglasses

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