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Hey strangers! So I’m back after a very long time of being caught in a whirlwind of anthropological theories, psychology textbooks and life in between, so I really haven’t had much time to tend to my beloved blog.

On top of all this I’m trying to get used to studying from home which I’ll have you know requires an insane amount of self discipline and after all I’m just young adult who would rather revel in little pleasures than look procrastination in the eye and still manage to gather the gall to pick up a book instead. Anyway let me move on to what we’re really here for before I turn this into an agony column.

During the chaos that has been my life the past couple of weeks, I was approached by Ice Kream magazine, an online platform, to be featured in their weekly style diaries. In choosing what I was going to cover over five looks, I ended up with an aesthetic that totally OD’d on denim. I guess I just can’t get enough of it. If you haven’t had the chance to check out my style diary just click on here.

I’m all about utilising your clothes to the max but just switching it up a bit each time because this narrative of not wearing something more than twice is not a real thing. That’s the vibe I was going for with the style diary using the same articles of clothing in more than one look but in a different way each time.

I think I’ve rambled on for long enough now, I’m sure you get the point though.

Till my next post. The books are calling…


Outfit deets

Studio W  Men’s white button down shirt // Superbalist  Frayed denim skirt // Zara  Denim effect T-shirt

Photos by: RTNDPhotography (@rtndphotography/@tetehumba)



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I love!!!!

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Thank you ?❤


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