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I think one of the things that is often overlooked about me is that I’m a working girl as well. I really can’t place blame on anyone for this because as with most aspects of my life, they don’t follow the typical order of things.

Upon numerous requests, some of you have often wondered how I dress for work and if I could do a post or two about office looks. The truth is, more often than not my bedroom is my office space thanks to the 8 hour time difference between myself and my colleagues as well as the wonderful gift of technology that allows me to take conference calls almost anywhere – Disclaimer: provided that it’s a safe and private environment.

Working at a firm like the one I do, means that people are often quite serious and wear bland colours and silhouettes but all that is unstimulating for a mind like mine. I’m regularly the girl in a bright coloured shirt standing in a room full of black, grey and blue. Someone has to breathe some life into things. I realise that my choice of fit for this post is contrary to the above anecdote but I tried to keep things relatable for those who strictly adhere to office attire convention. Oh, the accessories are for the lunch time slay, naturally!

So this is where I leave you while I attend to this sore throat and congested nasal passage and yes of course, work!


Outfit deets

Fit 1

JeanM Boutique Dress

Fit 2

Missguided Dress // Daily Friday Corset belt 


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