Molotov Cocktail

Self expression is to be contrary but it is to conform as well. Thank you Adam Curtis for the lesson!

As previously mentioned in word and deed, I aim to be as creative as my right brain allows and really play around with the clothes that I have in my closet and literally put the personal style in ‘a personal style and fashion blog by Lerato Maroleng’. That was horrible but anyway….. In the search of finding ones personal style, you can easily get caught up in duplicating inspiration rather than adopting from it. Coupled with that you flirt dangerously between trying to get it right and not giving a damn enough to care whether your prized style fits the proverbial mould. I think this applies to life in general as well. You want to get it right all the time even though that is completely illogical and plain misplaced energy. In turn we console our hearts with the narrative that we should only care about our own opinions. 

But we care.

To some extent we do care. It’s part of what makes the human experience. It’s sort of how we coexist. Even with that said, I will still take risks when it comes to my style and dabble into the unconventional. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it will blow up in my face but every true fashionista has their fair serving of faux pas.










So this is my fit, pleasantly confusing and diverse in proportions. I am having a young love affair with the ‘skirt over pants’ style but I must warn that it is an aesthetic that should be handled with caution as you can very easily go from chic to layering mess in one wrong pairing. To keep the asymmetrical vibe going, I added an equally asymmetrical top. It was a no-brainer really and the handbag served to add some colour.

I basically messed around and got lucky. The narrative of the youth!


Outfit deets

Zara Black asymmetrical Top // Zara asymmetrical Frayed Denim Skirt // Forever 21 Jeans // JeanM Boutique Burgundy Heel & Blue Sling Handbag

Photos by: Lebo Maroleng



23rd May 2017 at 12:49 pm25

Loving all the layering going on, so pretty!

23rd May 2017 at 5:46 pm24

Hopefully you’ll try it out yourself soon ?


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