I Can Do Anything

Celebrating birthdays and milestones

My title says it all. I can do ANYTHING. Credit this to the surge of confidence flowing through me right now. Okay, so yeah, I’m not an expert is many things, including the things I know, but I damn well know how to try and get what I want.

What is she going on about? I’m talking about my very first IGTV video shot by my friend Keletso and edited by yours truly. Granted it’s not anything to make a noise about, but doing this mini project reminded me of the time I started this very blog exactly 3 years ago. I get a bit emotional when I remind myself of the small victories and all that is yet to come.

Before taking on this task, I was frantically looking for someone who would edit my videos without breaking my bank account then it suddenly occurred to me that I could just do it myself. I had lost the confidence to just go out there and get what I want. And trust me, when I put my mind to something, the results are pretty awesome.

So happy 3rd birthday 1NE2WENTY3HREE and here’s to doing the absolute most because we really have it in ourselves to do so!



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