Game Changers

On the new Volkswagen Polo launch.

On Valentine’s day/Ash Wednesday for my anti-capitalist holiday readers/Just another Wednesday for my anti-love, secular readers (aaaaand inhale)…. I attended the New Volkswagen Polo launch in the heart of Joziburg. I love attending events in downtown Johannesburg because it’s altogether a different atmosphere to the places I usually frequent. I can’t get enough of the rustic industrial feel and how what once used to be a dilapidated building has been turned into something contemporary at the hands of the city’s talented creatives; and of course it’s an opportunity for me to vacate my bubble and actually go out there and see new faces.

Back to the event!

The graphics and production of the main event are unmatched. You could very clearly see that a lot of time and planning went into this event and people always appreciate a clean execution. The likes of Lulama Wolf, Tats Nkonza, Shane Eagle, DJ Ankletap, Aewon Wolf, George Avakian, I See A Different You and Khanya Mkhangisa were the game changers of the night and each of them got to design artwork for their new Polo that reflected themselves and how they are game changers.

The short video clips that accompanied the presentation of the cars were the most inspiring for me, reminding me that we all have the ability within us to be game changers.

We ended off the night at Lulama Wolf’s after party The Dexterity Maze after an awesome convoy in the New polo to the party where everyone in the car got a chance to get behind the wheel. 

The dexterity maze was a such a creative concept, unexpected, yet it shed more light to the name of the party “dexterity maze.” 

A very special thank you to Sims for being the best plus 1 I could ask for. He doubled as my photographer as well and was an absolute gentleman. Chivalry is not dead kids. I’m socially awkward so I always need someone who’ll help bring up the group average.

Fun fact: I bought this shirt and shoes the day of the event. Thank you Superbalist for same day delivery. This is not an ad just genuine appreciation from a once desperate, panicked fashion blogger.

I would’ve loved to add more detail on the experience as a whole but being a “slashie” means I have to tend to my other obligations.

Please excuse me…



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