Death of the blogger

Blogs killed magazines and Instagram is killing blogs.

My time away from blogging as often as I usually did has made me rather pensive about the significance of having a blog and if it’s even still worth ones effort and attention. I guess what I was truly getting at in my own head was why I should keep this up when I can just post all my photos on Instagram and be done. It’s fast, easy and gets the desired effect much quicker than it would on the blog in any case. This is however contradictory because I started my blog as an avenue to supplement Instagram and now I’m thinking to revert.

People’s attention spans are getting shorter each year and my time is being divided between a plethora of things, with academics enjoying the biggest slice of the pie. There is just a lot to juggle in this fast-paced digital age where instant gratification is the currency. It’s then not so hard to believe that writing is becoming more tedious and even though I still do enjoy it, sometimes it feels like I put so much effort into writing and seemingly get nought response for my efforts. Let us not forget to mention how the lines have blurred over time as well. I mean who even knows the difference between a blogger, a socialite and a social media influencer. It’s all the same thing these days. My two cents on the matter is: a blogger can be all of the aforementioned but a social media influencer is not a blogger; unless if they had a blog but then that would make them a blogger and so that would…

Okay never mind I’m starting to confuse myself!

I digress (as per usual).

I quickly had to remind myself that my blog was not just about the pictures. This is my space to express my opinions and myself unequivocally. No one is going to be interested in reading paragraphs of copy on ‘post-and-go/like-and-scroll’ Instagram. Another thing to note is that 1ne2wenty3hree is mine to do as I please unlike with third party platforms that have algorithms that change more frequently than my mind on a bad day and are turning into mini-advertising hubs via the sponsored posts. Eventually, only the people with the deepest pockets will have their content imposed onto everyone’s feed. It’s all becoming so disingenuous, so at least I can find solace in the fact that my blog is an ad free space that truly encapsulates all that is LCM.

So I won’t stop writing, because that’s a large part of what I do around these cyber parts but I may have to accept that it won’t be as regular as it once was- again I say academics have me in a vice grip, send help! Even when life gets busy, I do not want to stop writing and take my eye off the bigger picture, no pun intended. I write for that someone, even if it is just one person, who still pleasures in taking that pause in life to have a good read and not binge on images and push content all day.

Don’t count me out just yet!

PS: In case reading is not really your thing, then there is luckily some pictures to quickly scroll past, which would probably mean you’re not even reading this sentence and I’m wasting characters.

PPS: I’m off to post on IG about how you should totally click the ‘link in bio.’ Then again, if you’re still with me it means you probably already did that and I am once again wasting characters.

I’m a mess. Bye!

Outfit deets

Daily Friday White shirt with pearl details // Bershka Stirrup pants // Daily Friday Kitten heels // Zara Handbag // Lovisa Earrings



Elsie Mutsaka
20th Apr 2018 at 12:35 pm25

hahaha those PS parts though! I have always struggled with Instagram, always feeling like my feed is not pretty enough, so often many time I have found comfort in my blog.It’s true, your site is you space and you can do absolutely what you like!
BTW, I really love both your insta and your blog!

21st Apr 2018 at 8:37 am24

Lol I tend to get carried away! With all those colour coordinated feeds, it’s easy to feel like you’re not reaching a certain standard. I always say do what works for you. Thank you so much Elsie xx

Hakani Ncube
20th Apr 2018 at 1:43 pm24

Don’t stop writing, specially for some of us who still enjoy a good read. I never miss any of your posts! Fan for life!!!

21st Apr 2018 at 8:38 am24

Ah with people like you in my corner, I could never xx


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