Day 2 of 365

Growth is continuous and change is inevitable.

Another year has come and gone and we are once again blessed to still be around to bear witness to it all. The start of a new year wouldn’t be complete if it were devoid of the sentiments of intense introspection and retrospection. No matter the outcome of the previous year, the blessing and curse of life is that you have no choice but to look forward and carry on. There are no take backs or reruns just unfortunate circumstances that have hopefully transcended into valuable lessons.

The second half of 2017 had me in a cycle of bend-but-don’t-break emotion, which is usually my default setting but this time around my threshold was put to the test. I have grown up since then and that’s not to say I’ve lacked maturity but life certainly forced me to calm down and get the adulting boots out.

Nevertheless, this previous year had me in awe of the beauty of achieving those small victories that crescendo into the bigger picture. And yet even then stuff happens and one has to come to terms with the harrowing acceptance that a piece of their soul that they’ll never get back again sometimes dies along with the misfortunes. True maturity happens when you reach this realisation.

I’m still present and blessed and carry an eternal gratitude for this life I’ve been called to live. It kills me to end this post with the ad nauseam, “big things are yet to come”, but despite it all I am optimistic about the next 363 days of 2018.

I trust I’m not alone.

Thank you for following me on my journey.

Upwards and onwards!

Outfit deets

Cotton On White Dress // H&M White Bikini Top // Lovisa Leaf Shaped Earrings // Bershka Jeans

Photos By: Lebogang Maroleng

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