Captured: Tafadzwa Nicole Makoni

The next target in front of my camera was Tafy Nicole and it was a healthy serving of captivating doe eyes and modelesque poise.

The internet is a peculiar place and it instills a false sense of security/familiarity, putting us in precarious predicaments such as meeting up with strangers. Albeit strange, it felt like I had known Tafy personally for a while because she was so easy to get on with. You would have never guessed she slid in my DM’s and started what would become a great collaboration.

Anyway let’s talk about Tafy, an absolute beauty whose face is camera ready at all times. Definitely an enviable characteristic for the rest of us who simply do not “I woke up like dis.” She really is gorgeous in pictures and in reality with a doting personality to match. I’m slowly starting to get the hang of how to use my camera to get amazing shots and it didn’t hurt that the girl in front of the camera made the experience more manageable. Gratefully the weather came to the party as well because, in the words of OutKast; “you can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather.” It’s been a long while since we had this shoot but I’ve finally come around to getting this blog post up. Let me not ramble on so you can enjoy the imagery and stunning face. I’m sure you’ll agree?





Outfit deets

LOOK1: JeanM Boutique Off Shoulder Top with Flared Sleeves // Models Own Boyfriend Jeans

LOOK2: JeanM Boutique Black & White Floral Detail Dress // BeBe Lace-up Heels



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