Pull It Together

“I don’t wear outfits, I create looks.”

It’s my birthday and as per usual I have to look my very best, compliments of the company, which is obviously a handful of Instagram followers and restaurant patrons because that’s basically how my day went. I digress. So as I was going on about littering my bedroom floor with the majority of the clothes in my closet- that I am yet to neatly fold away, I noticed that something was different. I felt different. For a few moments I couldn’t quite figure out what I was feeling until I had that clichéd epiphany. I felt inspired! This was something I have to admit I hadn’t felt in a very long while. I mean when was the last time I got a rush from working on creating a look that made me feel like I could grace the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. It was in that moment that I realised I had lost my lust for creating. I’d lost myself in the expectation I had placed on myself to be a worthy pioneer of all things sartorial, never satisfied with anything I put on. You lose the plot when you stop having fun with it.

Fashion is like art. Fashion is art. Art isn’t supposed to to structured and pragmatic, only existing within the confines of what is ‘safe’. The true beauty in art is when it evokes emotion and that’s what clothes do for me. Creating looks makes me feel alive. The more unconventional the better. All the people I follow for inspiration have done away with convention.

Rihanna, Margaret Zhang and Leandra Medine are up there for me. They simply wear what they like and when they like sans the approval of the masses. I mean, they aren’t trendsetters because they dress like everyone else.

So for this year and beyond I solemnly swear to be more experimental with my style again, to dabble in the unexpected and slowly vacate the comfort zone I have created.

From my lips to my own damn ears!



Outfit deets

Zara Mustard Blouse // JeanM Boutique Stirrup pants // Daily Friday Corset Belt // Daily Friday Gingham heels // Zara Handbag // Backyard Vintage Sunglasses

(Daily Friday items from Superbalist)

Photos by: Lebogang Maroleng (@l_maroleng)


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