Pleasure to make your acquaintance!

It’s always a good time when I link up with Kunle to catch up and of course have a photoshoot in between the niceties. This time we loitered round Menlyn Maine the new “It” location in Pretoria for all the larney bunch. I guess I’m included in there as well. Luckily enough winter hasn’t gotten a firm grip around these parts so wandering around the streets isn’t so unpleasant yet!

Something about our walk and chats at Starbucks (obvs for the free WiFi) had me muster a new appreciation for my city. It’s pretty laid back and full of potential!

It also had me thinking about all the other creatives that hail from Jacaranda city and how I’m not all too familiar with them, weirdly enough. So this is my appeal for your engagement and valued opinion. Feel free to comment below with a link to your, or a friends own corner of the interwebs whatever the platform or subject may be. I’d really like to follow new people and see what awesome content Pretorians, in particular, are putting out there!

Peace. Love. Pretoria


Outfit deets

Forever 21 Denim Jacket // Studio W Men’s White Collared Shirt // JeanM Boutique White Tights // Zara Sock Heels

Photos by: Kunle (@dat_kjay)

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