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Fashion week is yonder

It’s early in the AM’s and I’m hammering away at my keyboard to the likes of Chico DeBarge x Love Still Good at these ungodly hours searching for an ounce of inspiration that will allow me to impart something meaningful on this corner of the internet where I’m not restricted by characters and only confined by the limits of an amalgam of insomnia and writers’ block!  Promise this is only unique to this moment, well most of the time!



Fashion month in the North has come and gone and fashion fiends- I speak specifically about myself, are left in a state of being visually stimulated by the copious amounts of fashion fed to us and utterly heartbroken at the thought of the price tag on those fashion items we admire in correlation with our bank accounts, sigh with me!

Even though all of this is incredibly disappointing, we (in Africa) can look forward to SA Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the like. It’s the time where anybody who could be bothered is fretting over what to wear well in advance, lest they be caught slipping. Anyway I can’t wait to see the fashion SA has to offer and of course all the amazing street style from your favourite celebs and bloggers, ‘coz what’s fashion week sans celebs and bloggers?


This very photoshoot was somewhat inspired by summery Parisian fantasies. Light silk dress, lace-up heels, lots of accessories and the right amount of sunlight! Did I get it right?

Paris Fashion Week, I’m coming for you!

Let me catch some Z’s, I’ll post this in the morn!



Outfit deets

Zara Dress // BeBe Lace-up Heels // Jewellery Miglio

Photos By: Omphile Moiloa

shot on Canon 100D with 75-300mm & 18-55mm lens


Lebo kuty
17th Mar 2017 at 9:42 am24

Beautiful as always! ♥

20th Mar 2017 at 7:04 pm24

Love this post?

Riaan Visser
24th Mar 2017 at 1:57 pm24



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