Oh You Fancy?

I’ve worn heels to braai’s and dressed up to buy bread. Shopping or dressing for specific occasions is limiting.

Even though I’m a Plain Jane at heart, I still have it in me to be the polar opposite of that. I’m a laid back girl but still appreciate grand expressions and just simply being ‘extra’ if you will. On seeing this dress I had already immediately decided the setting that would best compliment not only the dress but my creative side as well. This train of thought is sort of counter-productive to the point I’m trying make in this post but hear me out and also I had to give you some aesthetically pleasing photos.

It’s popular opinion to see fashion as an extension of oneself and their personality and how one chooses to portray themselves to the world around them but more interestingly, the way we dress often determines the way we behave and consequently our mood. If we take the dress I’m wearing in this post and how I chose to style it, the immediate assumption is to say it’s a dress suited for the more formal occasion be it a high tea or polo on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Everything about the dress makes sense for the aforementioned occasions but who’s to say you can’t wear it to a supermarket one day just to buy some milk and eggs. Impractical is what most people would describe that as and of course who would want all that flare action getting in the way of their grocery shopping.

I’ve often been stopped on campus or on a day that would particularly be described as chilled, and then dubiously asked where I’m headed to or what the occasion is that has had me all dressed up to the nines.

My usual answer is “nowhere” much to the recipient’s confusion.


This is however just a simple truth. I’m not a stranger to putting on my ‘Sunday’s best’ for no reason in particular. As much as my personal style is my brand, dressing up is also a fun activity for me, of course I’m not ridiculous about it but I won’t shy away from looking my best because it falls outside of the perceived dress code for whatever is going on.  I’ve worn heels to braai’s and dressed up to buy bread. Shopping or dressing for specific occasions is limiting and also technically means that you’ll be restricted in the number of times you wear a particular garment or shoe. I’ve never been one to buy something for a specific outing, I just buy what I like and let my mood dictate when I wear it. Some might call that being dramatic but your wardrobe shouldn’t be compartmentalised in terms of occasion, functionality maybe, but never occasion. It is so – and here’s that word again, restricting!!!

Just as a disclaimer though, don’t deliberately break the dress code if there is one. That is never cool.

Oh and you can never be over-dressed, lest we forget.

Fact or fiction: I wore a cocktail dress just to sit and type this post in bed?


Ps: I’m wearing socks with my heels again!

Outfit deets

JeanM Boutique Dress // Missguided Mesh Toe Black Heels // Lovisa Earrings





Melissa Javan
11th Jan 2018 at 9:11 pm24

I love this dress. You sound like my cousin who always dresses up, even back when she worked at KFC in an uniform, she would go to work in normal cute clothes and change at work.

11th Jan 2018 at 10:02 pm25

Sounds like your cousin and I would get along so well haha. Thanks for reading Melissa ?


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