Harvest thrift fair

I must admit that thrift markets have never really been my scene, or maybe I just haven’t cared much for them but last Saturday morning I dragged by sister along with me to visit one. Suffice it to say I was really taken by the whole event. I loved the selection of vintage themed stalls, each similar but incredibly different and the whole atmosphere was electric, nothing but friendly faces, good food and even better music. Soulful sounds and soft reggae tunes were the order of the day and vinyl enthusiast Bubbles the DJ (@Bubblesthedj), kept the vibe amazing. Maybe I’m being a little extra but anyone that knows me knows I’m obsessed with good music.


Thrifting is more than just a pass time activity and these two ladies, Magriekie and Adeline prove just that. Not only do they have a stall at the market but the whole idea to start a thrift market came from them. This obviously stems from their love for antiques and vintage clothes.

Wear it again

Wear it again is a pop up thrift stall that has a variety of second hand vintage inspired clothing that you can peruse through. Their motto is, “For the risk taker and trend maker.”

Vintro by Cassie B

Vintro, the brain-child of Cassie B, is a vintage inspired thrift stall. Cassie is a young girl who studied fashion design and like any other creative genius before her, the idea to start a vintage stall that would actually sell came to her 4 years ago in the shower…yep! The motivation behind this was due to the fact that people were never really inclined to buy vintage clothing so she came up with the concept of ‘up cycling’ which basically means adding a modern twist to old fashioned style.

Backyard Vintage

Backyard Vintage was started 2 years ago by Jackie who had a keen interest in thrifting. She is a medicine student at the University of Pretoria and thrifting has really become a way for her to tap into her ‘right brain’ and get creative. Her market stands on two main pillars; donating to the local charity and being eco friendly, as she is a self proclaimed ‘tree hugger’. So in essence, a percentage of the price of the clothes you buy gets donated to a local charity and the rest of the proceeds are used to help keep Backyard Vintage running.


Jade and Angelica are the founders of Peaches. The basis of their motif is that clothes have a story and each time you buy them you become a part of that story and consequently go on to create a story of your own. Simply put it’s like the sisterhood/brotherhood of the travelling clothes. I love the look of their stall and they totally have a bohemian vintage look going with the small pot plants, candles and burning incense. Their selection of denim and bomber jackets is A1.

Lemon Clothing

You can almost predict what Lemon Clothing will have to offer just by looking at Ella. Bright red, orange AND ginger hair sporting a vintage duffle jacket and jersey with a floral shirt peeking at the collar and dare I forget to mention the brown high top brogue style boots. Ella is Lemon Clothing personified. When asked what inspired the name Lemon, she told me a little anecdote of the time she got married in Grade 7 to a boy with the surname Lemon, so she could become Ella Lemon. Kind of does have a nice ring to it and no she didn’t literally get married, just to clear the air. Lemon Clothing aims at meeting the needs of people who want on-trend vintage clothing but don’t want to hunt for it.

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