Grayscale: Part II

A retrospective account of my great escape.

There are days when my life seems void of any sort of inspiration then there are of course days when said inspiration hits me like a train on a track. I find that on the days I consume a lot of imagery for hours on end, are the days when the creative juices start flowing, that along with a playlist that gives you that creative inclination. I’ve always been a daydreamer, residing in my head where ‘reality’ is malleable and idyllic. My mother would otherwise disagree and call it simply being absent minded when on the contrary I’m very present, just not in the conventional realm.











So cue the inspiration that gets yours truly jumping into a very dramatic shirt, layered with a cocktail dress – that probably won’t fit me soon if I don’t stop binge-eating, a pair of Nike’s and a tennis court as my backdrop.

Fun fact: I played tennis for about 10 years of my 23 year old life. I use past tense because I’ve since neglected my former escape for other activities and the laziness that comes with growing older. Maybe the former is really a me problem.

It happens very often that people are surprised at the fact that I played tennis and I’m yet to find out why, but tennis was one of the extra mural activities that I chose to do, that I wanted to do, that and piano.

Surprise! Again.

I was sort of dragged into swimming then netball then hockey and hell I even tried my hand out at athletics. A major fail that was! What I’m basically getting at is that the other sports that were available to me were all suggested 

by what other people thought would suit me or what was popular at school at the time, and of course young and impressionable Lerato believed it all. Tennis was different for me though. It truly evoked a feeling inside me. Can’t really explain that feeling but all I can say is that it felt welcoming, like I was doing exactly what my heart desired. Granted I’m not a pro, you don’t see me playing in the Wimbledon tournament and I’m no Serena Williams either but tennis was truly my first love, as far as interests go. 

Nothing beats the sound of your trainers squeaking against the court as you rush to save the ball or the thump of the tennis ball as it ricochet’s off your racquet all while under the heat of the unforgiving sun. None of that mattered though because you’d find yourself lost in the moment and that was apex of it all. I’m also a lone wolf and that’s not to say I’m not a team player but tennis allows independence which is a attribute I sternly abide by. The fate of your loss or victory is solely in your hands. You call the shots and sweat profusely to make them happen too.

With that said I would really love to lose myself on a tennis court again. I guess I now have the first thing down on my list of resolutions for ’18.

Any takers?



Outfit deets

Superbalist/Vero Moda White Shirt // Nike Cortez // Lovisa Earrings

Photos By: Kunle Amuwo Jr (@dat_kjay) & Lebogang Maroleng (@l_maroleng)

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