Fake It Till You Make It

On fast fashion and shallow pockets.

Cue in an era where millennials are eternally grateful for fast fashion, but from an ethical point of view, low key frown upon the contravention of intellectual property rights that fast fashion so blatantly has no regard for! Our pockets however and need to be in seasonally relevant fashion has us unashamedly consuming fast fashion like fast food! We as millennials are somewhat financially challenged and unable to sustain every season’s demands in the name of ‘fitting in’.

Ideally I’d love to be donned in Balenciaga boots and Vetements sweaters- which is not currently possible until my pending financial glo’ up- but that’s where fashion retail chains such as Inditex fashion group, that houses Zara in particular, come in. Such retail chains play the primary role of facilitating the availability of affordable replicas of runway trends, worn by our favourite celebrities and fashion bloggers, which are very quickly at the ready at a store near you while the looks of fashion week are still fresh on our minds. Even though branding is everything in the current retail climate, fast fashion retailers also manage to bring that vital part into play to stay relevant on their part and to keep you looking equally relevant. It’s a truly symbiotic relationship between retailers and consumers.

Even though fast fashion has come to our rescue, there are the unintended consequences of rapidly produced product to meet a growing demand such as the quality of fabrication being brought into question and ultimately the longevity of the product. But for the price you pay, this is rather justified. Classic example of supply and demand with a dash of capitalism. It is for this reason that designer labels will always maintain a market as quality is never a question, which is probably why luxury brands have been slow in connecting to the section of their audience that seeks to invest in their product but is unable to afford it.

My outfit in this particular post emulates the styles I covet from Vetements such as the exaggerated length sleeves and the sock heels which are unmistakably a trademark design of the label.

Between juggling finances and life in between, fast fashion is literally what gets me by as a fashion blogger trying to stay relevant in the fashion spaces without the endorsements of megabrands or pockets deep enough to afford them…yet*!

Even if you can’t keep up with seasonal trends, there is nothing wrong with shopping transeasonally and I do strongly believe we don’t get over trends so quickly as some trends just need to be enjoyed and again some become a staple in what constitutes one’s personal style and in the case that you do find this ‘staple’ then investing in some designer pieces is not at all a bad idea!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s all about being versatile and creative with the clothes you wear. You’ll find there’s always a different twist you can put to your favourite garments.


*I cannot stress enough that my financial glo’ up is an inevitability. Help me correspond this to the universe!

Outfit deets

Zara   Corset top with balloon sleeves

             Black jeans with frayed and lace flare

             Faun sock heels

Photos By: Zizipho (@ziziphombolekwa)



Riaan Visser
30th May 2017 at 11:37 am25

Well done!! Love the look and also the setting is amazing!! Now the black dress will be next 😉

30th May 2017 at 5:55 pm24

Haha I hear the suggestion, I should definitely do something about it!


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